Month: December 2015

False Prophets, False Prophecy, and the New Year

Guest contributor Ekemini Uwan points us to the real source of hope in the New Year.

/ December 31, 2015

“But You Were Raised White”

Marcos reflects on being a bi-racial man and how it informs his worldview.

/ December 30, 2015
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Book Review: One Gospel for All Nations by Jackson Wu

What is the "biblical" approach to contextualization? Read and see how Jackson Wu's latest work addresses this important topic.

/ December 28, 2015

Sufficient Grace: How Much Is Enough?

The weary believer prays and asks for enough grace to get through the day, but how much is enough?

/ December 23, 2015

Read Widely, Read Well

Why do we read what we read? Marcos encourages readers to read diverse authors and topics of the highest quality.

/ December 22, 2015

For Unto Us a Child Is Born: Thoughts on the Birth of Christ

Reflections on why the Incarnation matters during this Advent season.

/ December 21, 2015

Reading the Margins – 12.18.2015

What we saw or read this week: Jeremy Lin grapples with teenage experience of academic pressure, the debate over Larycia Hawkins, and the worldview of Star Wars.

/ December 18, 2015

On Being Bicultural and Christian

What does it mean to be bicultural and Christian? How might a dual culture identity be used by God for his kingdom?

/ December 15, 2015

Does God Redeem Us from Our Culture? (Part 2)

Since God has redeemed us out of our cultures, how then are we to live? Mark Jeong shows a third way between assimilation and rejection of culture.

/ December 14, 2015

How Long, O Lord? – A Sermon

A sermon from Pastor Jason Meyer at Bethlehem Baptist Church helps us lament as we approach the advent season.

/ December 11, 2015