Month: February 2016

The Night I Did Not Want God’s Pursuit

Life is a continual uphill battle, but what if you'd rather stay by the foot of the hill?

/ February 29, 2016

The Future of the Korean Church

No longer can Korean churches reminisce about their past glories. It is time to face these realities. Where will the strength of Korean immigrant churches be in the future years to come?

/ February 25, 2016

The Day I Saw Jesus

One day, when Mark was apathetic to the things of God, he saw Jesus, and his life was changed forever.

/ February 24, 2016
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Dear Phil Johnson, About Your Response to Thabiti…

Some questions for my brother, Phil Johnson, regarding his recent exchange with my other brother, Thabiti Anyabwile.

/ February 17, 2016

God Gives Us Many Metaphors

We need God's diversity of metaphors in our Christian life.

/ February 10, 2016

A 6-Month Old Husband’s Reflections

A new(b) husband shares 6 things he's been learning during his first 6 months of marriage.

/ February 8, 2016

Reading the Margins – 2.5.2016

What we saw or read this week: Jemar Tisby on Black History Month, infomania, the power of stereotypes, an amazing sermon illustration, and a new series addressing Black Lives Matter.

/ February 5, 2016

The Boy Who Cried Savior

Every so often, we are blessed to meet someone who leaves a remarkable impression on our lives. Here's the story of how a little boy changed my life.

/ February 4, 2016

The Value of My Korean Cultural Identity

"What I had considered as my disadvantages were actually gifts from God that I could use to serve the church." - Eunjin Kim

/ February 1, 2016