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Faith is a grateful example of the truth that the Gospel does not make bad people good, but dead people alive. She and her husband Jeff live with their 3 precious little people in Staten Island, NY and serve in Grace Christian Church. She has a Certificate in Christian Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary and is passionate about the way our theology plays out in all spheres of life. When given alone time, she catches up on sleep, declutters, reads, writes, and clearance shops.

3 Reasons The Church Needs Asian American and Other Minority Voices

I’ve gotten glimpses of God’s good purposes in making me both Chinese and American. And I’m convinced one of the most important reasons has been to equip me for service in his Kingdom.

/ October 9, 2018

Filial Piety, Asian Americans, and Christ

Most Asian Americans have internalized two visions of human flourishing: American self-actualization and Asian familial harmony. How does this play out in our lives? And what does it mean for the Asian American Christian?

/ September 27, 2018

Why We Liked Crazy Rich Asians So Much

One reason why so many Asian-Americans enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians and one implication for ministry in the church.

/ August 30, 2018

Getting Ready For Church After Graduation

Graduating seniors, here are important ways to prepare for life in the local church post-college.

/ May 29, 2018

Graduate, Make Plans For Your Soul

Graduating seniors, this is one of the most important decisions you can make post-college.

/ May 22, 2018

Lern Haw To Be A Mom

Parents need a theology of work-- even, and especially, stay-at-home moms.

/ March 15, 2018

Well-Supplied With The Mercies of God

As Christians, we have good reason to be hopeful, not just at the start of each new revolution around the sun, but with each rotation of the earth.

/ January 11, 2018

Two Prayers For When Advent Is Hard

Jesus came and he is coming again. Here are two prayers in light of advent for those who struggle to reconcile present sadnesses with the joyful celebration of Jesus’ birth.

/ December 8, 2017

Sola Gratia and Saying, “Grace”

"Grace" is a word we keep using in Christian circles, but does it mean what we think it means?

/ October 24, 2017

The Church is the People of God

To the New Calvinist struggling to serve in your less-than-ideal local church: Remember, the church is the people of God.

/ September 16, 2017