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Mark was born in South Korea, but grew up in the humble state of New Jersey. Mark's passion is to grow in his love for God and his neighbor as he learns to read both the Bible and the world in light of each other. He and his wife currently reside in New York City.

Does God Redeem Us from Our Culture? (Part 1)

Much has been said about how the church should either transform culture or reject culture. But what does it mean for God to redeem us “out of” culture?

/ December 3, 2015

A Puritan Prayer for the Church

In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris and the ensuing chaos around the world, what more timely thing is there to do but pray?

/ November 19, 2015

Some Reflections on Mark Jones’ “Reformed Catholicity”

Many within the Reformed movement are adopting a more “catholic” spirit. In many ways, this has always been the case among minority Christians.

/ November 12, 2015

5 Things I Learned from N.T. Wright

Whether you love him or hate him, we can all learn something from NT Wright. Here are five things I learned from him.

/ November 5, 2015

Lessons from the Korean Church – Respecting Your Elders

Respecting elders is not a particularly American value. Find out what you can learn from the Korean church’s emphasis on respecting elders.

/ October 22, 2015

Lessons from the Korean Church – Sacrificial Love

No matter where you go, you will encounter Korean Christians. Find out what you can learn from the Korean church’s emphasis on sacrifice.

/ October 15, 2015

Christian Unity in Communion

Sometimes, the church can seem so divided. Communion, however, is one thing that can unite Christians together.

/ September 29, 2015

Something Missing from the Christian Blogosphere

Everyone seems to have a blog these days, but there’s something missing. Something that should be more prevalent, especially among Christian bloggers.

/ September 17, 2015

Why Blog? An Introduction of Sorts

Mark Jeong introduces himself and tries to convince you to read his awesome blog. Does he succeed?

/ September 11, 2015