Category: Church & Ministry

When Your Christian Parents Don’t Want You to Follow Christ

We expect opposition to our calling to ministry, but what do we do when that opposition comes from our own Christian parents?

/ July 5, 2016

Should Our Churches Repent of the Sins of Our Fathers?

What is the biblical precedent supporting the PCA's decision to corporately repent of generational sin?

/ June 30, 2016

New Calvinism & Cookie Cutter Christianity

In the New Calvinist attack on nominal Christianity, the incredibly multifaceted nature of following Christ is often flattened into "cookie cutter Christianity," but it doesn't have to be.

/ June 16, 2016

RAAN’s Important New Feature “We Persevere”

The new venture "We Persevere" from Karen Ellis and RAAN is an important resource for the American church.

/ June 8, 2016

The Place for Children in Corporate Worship (1)

Are we missing out on anything by excluding children from our corporate worship? My answer is, “Yes, indeed!”

/ June 6, 2016

Four Questions for Speaking Better

In a world marred by sin, communication is no less broken. Given the ongoing discussion of race within the evangelical church, here are four questions for loving others better with our speech.

/ April 7, 2016

The Future of the Korean Church

No longer can Korean churches reminisce about their past glories. It is time to face these realities. Where will the strength of Korean immigrant churches be in the future years to come?

/ February 25, 2016

The Day I Saw Jesus

One day, when Mark was apathetic to the things of God, he saw Jesus, and his life was changed forever.

/ February 24, 2016

The Boy Who Cried Savior

Every so often, we are blessed to meet someone who leaves a remarkable impression on our lives. Here's the story of how a little boy changed my life.

/ February 4, 2016

The Church Is Not a Dream World

Many people have a dream of what the church could be. It's time to stop dreaming and live in reality.

/ January 27, 2016