Category: Culture & Identity

4x I was glad to be Asian

No matter who you are, you have enjoyed some kind of privilege in your life. Will you take it for granted or will you acknowledge it use and use it to serve others?

/ October 19, 2015

Lessons from the Korean Church – Sacrificial Love

No matter where you go, you will encounter Korean Christians. Find out what you can learn from the Korean church’s emphasis on sacrifice.

/ October 15, 2015
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4x I wished I was white

One minority voice speculating about how his life might be different if he was afforded some white privilege.

/ October 13, 2015

Lessons from the Ethnic Church, Part II

Part two to a personal account and reflection on what the ethnic church can teach the Reformed church.

/ October 6, 2015

Lessons from the Ethnic Church, Part I

What can we learn from the ethnic church as Reformed Christians? What might they teach us about love, unity, and family?

/ September 24, 2015

American, Reformed, and Not White

What is normative for American and Reformed identities? Let it be a passion for the blessing of the nations!

/ September 15, 2015

Going Back, Moving Forward: A Journey of Identity

A personal journey of coming to understand what it means to be both an Asian-American and Reformed Christian.

/ September 14, 2015

Why Blog? An Introduction of Sorts

Mark Jeong introduces himself and tries to convince you to read his awesome blog. Does he succeed?

/ September 11, 2015


Marcos explains what it’s like to be a British-Mexican-American and how it impacts his worldview.

/ September 2, 2015