Category: Theology & Scripture

Metaphors, Sanctification Is War

How do metaphors function in our everyday lives? How does "Sanctification Is War" affect the way a believer understands God in his or her life?

/ January 13, 2016

False Prophets, False Prophecy, and the New Year

Guest contributor Ekemini Uwan points us to the real source of hope in the New Year.

/ December 31, 2015

For Unto Us a Child Is Born: Thoughts on the Birth of Christ

Reflections on why the Incarnation matters during this Advent season.

/ December 21, 2015

Does God Redeem Us from Our Culture? (Part 2)

Since God has redeemed us out of our cultures, how then are we to live? Mark Jeong shows a third way between assimilation and rejection of culture.

/ December 14, 2015

How Long, O Lord? – A Sermon

A sermon from Pastor Jason Meyer at Bethlehem Baptist Church helps us lament as we approach the advent season.

/ December 11, 2015

What Does Christianity Have to Say about Islam?

Are self-identified Islamic terrorists truly Muslims? What does Scripture say, and why does the answer to this question matter?

/ December 7, 2015

Does God Redeem Us from Our Culture? (Part 1)

Much has been said about how the church should either transform culture or reject culture. But what does it mean for God to redeem us “out of” culture?

/ December 3, 2015

A Cure for Fundamentalism(s)

Only the Reformed doctrine of common grace will allow Christians to uphold their absolute convictions, while engaging with the “Other.”

/ November 30, 2015

Understanding Understanding Dispensationalists Pt.2

Dr. Vern Poythress presents several obstacles to upholding a classical dispensational theology.

/ November 23, 2015
Reading Revelation with fresh eyes: why I’m excited about my latest book arrival

Reading Revelation with Fresh Eyes

Guest contributor Lisa Robinson shares her excitement over G.K. Beale's latest book on Revelation and her own journey towards covenant theology.

/ November 17, 2015