Here are a couple things that the RM family found interesting this week:

The year-long Race and the Church conference in Richmond, VA may prove to be a very valuable resource for the Church.

Mathematics professor Francis Su posts a fascinating article about the place of grace in the discipline of teaching.

In honor of Reformation Day, Dr. Stephen Nichols explains why the Reformation is still relevant so many years later.

Friend of RM, Ekemini Uwan, challenged the GOP candidates to address the Black Lives Matter movement during Thursday’s debate. See also her article at Christianity Today that takes the question in a more ecclesial direction.

Finally, Paige Britton offers a brilliant piece of biblical theology that traces the theme of “The Lord’s Christ” through the whole canon.

Posted by Marcos Ortega

Marcos married up and has two beautiful daughters. After growing up in Arizona and going to college in San Diego, he and his family moved to the Philadelphia area so he could go to seminary. In May of 2016, he graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary and is a candidate under care in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He is also a program director at an awesome church just outside the city. Fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sixers, Union, Phillies, and Flyers (in that order), he loves and writes about Jesus, theology, culture, sports, movies, music (except country), and good books.

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