Calling All Writers!

I’m blown away by the work we’ve been able to accomplish at Reformed Margins during this first year of our existence. God has blessed us and I’m humbled every time we get a comment or a message from someone who has been encouraged or challenged by our work.

We kind of already knew this, but blogging is hard work! It takes a lot of writers to make Reformed Margins run smoothly and to create content that is engaging, provocative, and biblically faithful.

So, Reformed Margins is looking for more guest writers to join our team by sending in articles or pitches you would consider appropriate for our site.

As the “About” page says, “Reformed Margins exists to celebrate the glory of God and exalt the person and work of Jesus Christ among the nations. We pray that this site provides a platform for Reformed Christian thinkers from various ethnic minority backgrounds to join in the broader Reformed and Evangelical conversations.”

If you think you’re able to help us toward that goal, send us your work!

You can tell from looking at the many articles we’ve produced that we’re willing to talk about anything, from current events to theology to race/ethnicity to culture and media. If the Bible speaks to it and you want to talk about it, we probably have room for it at RM.

If you have an article or pitch you’d like to present us or if you have questions you think we could help answer, you can reach out at

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your work!

Marcos Ortega

Marcos Ortega (MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary) is an Assistant Pastor at Goodwill Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) and lives in the Hudson River Valley in New York with his wife and two daughters.

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