Introducing City Image: A Podcast for the City, by the City

In an age where Christianity is increasingly seen as outdated and irrelevant, cultural engagement by informed Christians has become an absolute necessity. No longer can Christians assume that their worldview is accepted or even understood by American culture.

Compounding this problem is the fact that many Christians are unprepared to intelligently engage with culture. The lack of effective engagement with culture leads to greater estrangement as Christians are intimidated by society and society is increasingly suspicious of Christianity.

While secular thought has become dominant in western society, in urban communities the rising tide of secularism has had less influence. That is to say, minorities remain largely religious, with many having had some interaction with the church. However, Christians in urban locations still face challenges to the faith.

There are powerful voices from various anti-Christian worldviews that challenge Christianity. Consequently, many minorities reject Christianity, seeing it as foreign and oppressive, for alternative spiritualities which are seen as more culturally relatable.

Christians in urban settings also deal with issues arising from within the church. It is not uncommon to find churches with subpar doctrine serving these communities. Moreover, on issues involving social justice, Christian minorities often feel marginalized and ignored by white evangelicals. For many in urban surroundings, the teaching and the practice of the church doesn’t seem to be relevant to their lives.

In response to the aforementioned concerns of Christian minorities, we are pleased to announce the launch of City Image. City Image is a podcast for the city, by the city. There are voices in our city that go unnoticed—namely those in minority communities. We feel the need to create a space that reflects the image and articulates the concerns of these members of our cities.

Through thoughtful cultural commentary, the hosts of City Image hope to help equip Christians to themselves thoughtfully engage culture. We believe that if Christians winsomely engage culture, our cities will increasingly reflect the image of God.

Joining me are my co-hosts Richard Bowman and Daniel Ortiz. Rich and Danny are among some of the most thoughtful people I know. All three of us serve at Bridge Church NYC, and Rich is an elder there. Together we hope to share whatever insight God has given us in hopes that God’s Church and our cities are blessed and strengthened.

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Bryant Parsons

Bryant Parsons is a proud New Yorker. He is a Christian Union Ministry Fellow at Columbia University. Bryant holds an M.Div from Westminster Theological Seminary. His topics of interest are issues involving systematic theology, apologetics, and Christian engagement with culture. His desire is to see the church in the American context be well-informed, winsome advocates of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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