Reading the Margins – 10.24.2015

Here are a few links the Reformed Margins team found interesting this week:

A God-Centered Approach to Language – Vern Poythress describes the trinitarian basis of language and how to use it in a God-glorfying way. For more on this topic, see Andrew Ong’s post.

The Two Asian Americas – “There are now, in a sense, two Asian Americas: one formed by five centuries of systemic racism, and another, more genteel version, constituted in the aftermath of the 1965 law.”

15 Arguments in Favor of Covenant Child Baptism – If you’ve wondered what the arguments are in favor of infant baptism, this is a helpful summary.

Targeting Men and Taking Back Urban Communities – Terrance Jones discusses the importance of ministry geared towards men in urban contexts, an often forgotten tactic in community renewal.

Justin Beiber’ of Nepal Converts to Christianity – Nepal’s most famous musician, Raju Pariyar, recently converted to Christianity and joined the persecuted minority. Be share to pray for this brother! May God use him to do great things for the Kingdom in Nepal!

Marcos Ortega

Marcos Ortega (MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary) is an Assistant Pastor at Goodwill Church (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) and lives in the Hudson River Valley in New York with his wife and two daughters.

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